Invoice Promotion: “Next Best Offer” & Transpromo


The client company is always looking for continuous improvements in its analytical processes aimed at intelligent execution. Oficina de Valor suggested transforming the invoice operating cost into business opportunities by: (1) enabling and retaining customers through individualized promotional offers through NBO – Next Best Offer models, (2) selling new financial products, (3) preventive and friendly collection, (4) creating an invoice that is visually attractive, both in printed and online formats.

The first step was to establish a recurring process that points out specific offers for each customer and connecting this data with the transactional files that feed invoice printing. One next best offer was designated for each customer. The second step was to integrate this information with processing and invoice data, distributed in different cuts. Finally, the third step was to transfer knowledge to the environment maintenance and to implement recurring promotions. Now the Marketing, Credit and Billing areas can make dynamic use of invoices for your strategic and tactical needs. The project was developed in partnership with GMC – the world leader in CCM – Customer Communication Management.

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