Generating new revenues in the small business channel


Understanding the relationship with thousands of small establishments is important to drive sales. In partnership with the financial organizations, some industries offer credit lines, from where they extend the relationship with small size retailers — such as bakeries, for example). Business Intelligence (BI) initiatives ensured the best possible use of the information gathered with this process. The work consisted of looking at the past, learning and reasoning from it, and establishing indicators and metrics for future and ongoing actions.

The beginning of the project involved analyzing the metrics, the available dimensions, the calculation methods and the consistency of the information. It was necessary to establish a methodology for the information’s monthly audit in order to ensure their consistency over time. Subsequently, the data processes were reconsidered to ensure quality for the analyses. New metrics, dimensions and geographical visions were proposed, assertively summarizing the management indicators and allowing access to the smallest possible detail of each piece of data.

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