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About us

Since 2000, Oficina de Valor believes that data can revolutionize the way companies do business and achieve results. Through data, we can act intentionally on strategy, culture, processes, people and technology.



We flow easily between Technology, Marketing, Sales, Credit and Finance teams. We harmonize decisions. We find great meaning in helping people discover new ways for solving problems, create solutions, and generate more results. We rely on a broad-based and thorough team.


Our work generates insights, sharpens intuition, and helps people take calculated risks.

The best decisions are taken when we bring data and people together to seek concrete, measurable results for business.

Our pillars

Exploração e análise
Exploration and Analysis

We prepare the data and care for its quality. We refine the information through mathematical models.


We believe creativity is a collective process and shared data leverages solutions and results.


We foster analytical culture. We sustain strategy by the people-process-technology triad.

Tecnologia e Design
Technology and Design

We favor informational design in order to leverage results. We integrate technologies that make sense to your business.


We empower people for decision and execution. We promote positive attitudes toward data and business challenges.

Our team

Our team is made up of broad-based professionals specialized in fields that help to process information in an intelligent and strategic way, retrieving elements that leverage creativity. We are able to tackle the current technological challenges and we are always committed to the practical application of this knowledge. Our professionals are people you can count on. In our team you will find the commitment to generate tangible value for your business. If you identify with our values and are looking for challenges, send us your resume.


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