Where Oficina de Valor already has added Value
ABN Real, Aymoré Financing Division
Projects in Competitive Intelligence, Geographical Information, Database Marketing, Management Indicators, Customers Segmentation for Cross Selling.
Americanas.com (online retail)
Customers Segmentation Projects, Purchasing Propensity Models.
Pernambucanas (retail)
Customers Segmentation Projects, Purchasing Propensity Model, Geographical Information, Data Marts creation, relationship Indicators.
Market System (CSU Group – Loyalty Program Third Party Administrator)
Database Marketing and Datamining Projects.
Ponto Comdomínio (hosting data center)
Marketing Processes Development in partnership with Lucinski Consulting.
Telefônica (telecommunication)
Information Survey for a new business establishment.
ValeGift (online gift certificate)
Business plan, business model and Marketing consultant ship for an incentives company.
Qualibest (internet-opinion)
Business plan and business model for a company focused to consumers' opinions in the Internet.
Globo.com (web portal)
Database Marketing and Personalization Projects.