Growth of microcredit offer




The company, in its research, development and social responsibility initiatives, decided to carry out a project that aimed at using data from electric energy consumption and payment to help clients with lower purchase power in obtaining productive and oriented microcredit loans. Electricity is available to more than 98% of the Brazilian population.

By analyzing the informational mass available, it was possible to evaluate and mitigate the asymmetry of credit information for low-income populations, with positive effects on the supply of loans with lower interest rates for small businesses.

Predictive models were developed both for the person responsible for paying the energy bill and for other residents, identifying indicators tested in microcredit portfolios from a large financial institution. The objective information was complemented and compared with information from a credit bureau.

The main indicators were successfully identified. A rich documentation on the project can be used by the community interested in microcredit. The implementation of the databases for recurrent use was carried out by the Center for Research and Development in Telecommunications (CPqD), a partner company for this project.

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