Consolidation in the automobile market



The market for lightweight and passenger vehicles is an object of fierce competition among different financial institutions. Monitoring the market share and the intensification of competition is key to define expansion strategies and preservation of markets. With this in mind, we developed a project that calculates and monitors the geographical market share according to ZIP code, aggregating by federation unit, micro-region, municipality and neighborhood, taking into account data from consumers and retailers. The geographic segmentation allowed the company to have an in-depth view of its position in the market, providing key indicators about its position against competition. Strategically relevant facts allowed teams to make decisions with greater alignment and rationality.

As a practical action, new locations were chosen based on their financial and high growth potential. The process of measuring and monitoring the market share was implemented for recurrent use, not only aiming at the annual planning, but also in order to obtain responses to actions carried out through monitoring each quarter’s achieved results.

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