Leverage data collected through promotions

  • Implement a Wi-Fi system your client can access by filling in a form or by logging into Facebook;
  • Understand each customer’s buying interests through their visits to your store or shopping mall;
  • Make the Wifi available in order to learn the customer’s most important paths inside your business;
  • Integrate the data captured through customer’s behavior into the CRM;
  • Perform communication actions through text messaging and email marketing campaign modules;
  • Stand out in social media and interact with your clients through them;

  • Measure the number of visits: get access to an integrated, easy-to-use report platform;
  • Monitor “heat waves” in specific areas through presence sensors;
  • Manage your Wifi in an integrated way – in one single control panel that allows you to manage all of your stores;
  • Communicate with your clients by getting to know their profile and how they behave.

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